Tara happy for Rayapati

Guntur MP Rayapati lost his most wanted and most desired TTD Chariman post to Kanumuri Bapiraju in the last moment.

Sources say, Opponents of the MP visited the party heads in Delhi and leaked the Rayapati- Tara Choudhary episode. Delhi heads were shocked learning the fact that Rayapati’s  Vamp massage politics  which resulted in changing the choice of person for the post of chairman of TTD in the last moment. It would be a fortune for him if he gets seat from the party in next elections.

With this Tara effect Rayapati name and fame is completely down to deep sea ,while Tara might have enjoying because even after her several attempts in media alleging Rayapati no arrest or prosecution was done at the same time  her name reached till Delhi, thus her popularity  .