Tara Chowdhary approaches HRC

The Prime accused of High-tech sex scandal, Ms. Tara Chowdhary approached State Human Rights Commission for the redressal of her grievances but she expressed her dissatisfaction on its functioning.

She approached Human Rights Commission along with her advocate and demands to take stern action against Congress M.P. Rajapati Sambashiva Rao, Mr.Venugopalachari, MLA and former DGP Mr. Bhaskara Rao. She complained about the hurdles in getting justice. She told that she is not hopeful of getting justice from the Govt. She requested the Human Rights Commission pleading that there is a threat to her life. She told media persons that she is not associated with Lakshmi. She has been implicated under a conspiracy and she was imprisoned for 60 days unnecessarily. She disclosed that in order to save her life, she collected evidence against Rayapath Sambashiva Rao & others. She told that she was apprehensive that Rayapath Sambashiva Rao might go to any extent to kill her. He had threatened her also. She told that she is getting threats ever since 2008 and 2009.

She alleged that she is facing these bad days because of Rayapath Sambashiva Rao.

She alleged that ACP of Banjara Hills police station has collected almost Rs 10 crores at the instance of politicians putting the innocent persons into difficulties. She also blamed that in the wake of sex racket, police collected crores of rupees using her name by blackmailing the persons involved in sex scandals.

She demanded justice from state Human Rights Commission.