Tara Chowdary makes allegations on TV9 reporter

Tara Chowdary alias Rajeswari is a small time actress in Telugu cinema field, who acted small roles in movies like Adrusyam, Rakshakudu, Priya Sakhi and Love ticket etc. Other than acting in films now and than, she is said to be forcing innocent girls into prostitution by offering them jobs. Basing on the complaint lodged by a Vizag girl that Tara is forcing her into prostitution, police arrested this actress . Under the prevention of immoral trafficking act, Police booked her along with a pimp Prasad, allegedly her husband also, for running a brothel.

Tara Chowdary  was released on bail today. After her release, she talked to media at Chanchalguda Jail alleged that TV9 has been telecasting wrong stories on her . saying, “I’m going to call for a Press Meet to reveal all the secrets. I’m happy for the release after 2 months”.

She also made controversial statements that TV9 Reporter Muralidhar used to misbehave with illicit speech with her. She said that all proofs of sms and voice chat are still with her. She pointed that TV9 has shown many false stories on her only to cover TV9 Muralidhar’s issue.