Tara Chowdary drama ends with political power

Sensational episode of Tara Chowdary sex racket and secret videos is finally silenced with no one raking up the issue. Even Tara got silenced by accepting all her mistakes and agreeing the same in a confession statement.

Like all sleazy sensations, this episode of Tara Chowdary too buried under the hands of power and money. Police too remained tight lipped about the whole issue and are not at all showing interest to reveal the names of politicians and celebrities associated with her. Reports say that a strong warning is given to Tara to not spill beans about persons otherwise it would cost her life. She simply confessed to the misdeeds she has done and agreed to go ‘innocent’ once she is released.

Tara, who breathed fire when she was arrested and gave a coloring that she will drag all the involved onto roads, now became a faded element. Had she dared to go a step ahead revealing the names of politicians in her tapes, our sleazy leaders might have got grilled by now. One more sex-drama of AP got its curtains down and there is no doubt Tara will surface after some time with another drama, say observers.