Tara Chowdary confession to cops

Tara Chowdary confession to cops

Film artiste-turned sex racketeer Tara Chowdhary has admitted that she used to film girls in semi-naked poses and shoot obscene photographs and videos, and used these to force them into the sex racket involving VIPs, in a “confession” to the Banjara Hills police.

A copy of her “confession” is available with this newspaper, in which the woman explained the activities of her shady network in detail. Tara and her so-called husband Durga Prasad, residents of Banjara Hills, had been arrested on March 31, 2010 by the police in a sex trafficking case.

In the confession, she told the police, “I used to record the voices of many people including police officials, political leaders and business magnates when they used to talk to me over my phone. I used to provide sex workers to them. I recorded their voices with an intention to blackmail them and extort huge amounts. I used to download the recordings in CD. I procured many girls from various parts of Andhra Pradesh and other states promising employment in Hyderabad or chances to act in movies.”

“After bringing the girls to Hyderabad, I used to force them into flesh trade. If any one among them refused, we threatened them with dire consequences, like exhibiting their nude pictures in public. I also used to show those photographs to the customers. My assistant, Haneef, used to help me with all this work,” she told police.

The police retrieved the videos from her laptop with the help of cyber forensic experts. “I used to blackmail the customers also who used to visit the brothel I ran,” she told the police. “I used to lend money on high interest to many by executing promissory notes, bonds and also blank post-dated cheques,” she said. Meanwhile, the police is investigating into the modus operandi of a sex network run by one Prameela with whom Tara Chowdhary had rivalry.