Tapsee becomes Aunty

A tiff between Vishnu Manchu and Tapsee has become public with the duo taking to Twitter to slug it out. It started when Vishnu told Tapsee that now she is an “aunty” to his twins Ari and Vivi, to which the starlet retorted, “@ItsVishnu-Manchu u r a dead duck!U just don’t know you offended your kids’ future best buddy! Just coz I hangout wid oldies like u doesn’t make me aunty.”

“She had spent a day in our house, playing with my twins. I casually teased her and called her an aunt to my eight-month-old twins,” Vishnu said recalling where the debate started. “Which girl in the world would want to be called an aunty? I keep telling him (Vishnu) that I want to be a friend to Ari and Vivi. I want to take them shopping and be their gal pal, you know,” Tapsee said, asserting that she would share a better relationship with the kids as a “friend” than as an “aunt”.