Tammareddy denies connection with Mahesh Kathi

Tammareddy - Mahesh KathiFor the last few months, Critic Mahesh Kathi’s name is been highlighted in the local media and also in social media.

Mahesh Kathi was always shouting against Pawan Kalyan personally and this battle between Pawan fans and Mahesh went on for four months.

Some elders from Industry came forward to end the dispute. Both sides were told to be silent January 15, this was the suggestion given by Kona Venkat.

Now the deadline is over and the buzz that Filmmaker Tammareddy Bharadwaja is behind Mahesh Kathi. Tammareddy responded to this. He said there is no need for him to do this and denied connection with Kathi Mahesh. He admitted that Kathi Mahesh sits in his office but he is not responsible nor behind Mahesh Kathi.