Tammareddy criticise Pawan Kalyan on Padayatra

rp_pawan-kalyan-300x191.jpgFilmmaker Tammareddy Bharadwaj who always levees no chance to criticse janasena Pawan Klayan especoaillay on the political front has criticized the latter over padayatra.

He said, Pawan has come into politics not toserve his fans, without getting close to people, how can he know about their problems? Taking feed back from managers and closeaides, one cannot be a true leader. Pawan should not be sacred to people and should talk to them directely.

While BJP member Jeevitha Rajasekhar said, NTR and MGR had a huge fan following, but even they went directly to the people to know the issues.Pawan has to control his fans and cadre and plan the padayatra. Issues are highlighted only when he goes close to people.