TammaReddy Bharadwaja supports Chandrababu

rp_tamma-reddy-300x200.jpgCine director and producer TammaReddy Bharadwaja has announced support to Chief Minister Chandrababu protest on special status.

Speaking at Vijayawada today, he said the silence of the prime minister to condemn the rape and murder of women and children in the country is a painful one. Prime Minister Modi not giving chance to no-confidence motion in parliament tells his attitude.

The BJP leaders saying that they have given everything to the state, looks funny. Are the Telugu people innocent to hear whatever they say?.

Talking about Film industry, Bharadwaja said that the film industry is not bad. If the film industry is bad, why would they send their children? . How MAA is responsible for being cheated by strangers on the name of casting couch. He has already told about casting couch earlier but no one cared about it and now everyone started abusing each other.