Tammana goes Fat !!

Milk beauty Tamanna is on binging spree! Now a days, you’ll find this actress digging into varieties of food. Don’t worry, she’s not turned into a food junkie, she’s just preparing herself for her new role. Reports say Tamanna is playing the lead in Gunashekar’s film “Rani Rudramma“. The actress, who’s always been lean has to pile on some kilos to look like his character. The character that she will be playing is that of a rustic queen from South India. . She says it has been difficult for him to put on weight because of her high metabolism and that she’s been trying to get there with help from her personal trainer. Tamanna said that she’s against steroids although they’re the faster way out. The effects of it aren’t good in the long run she quipped. So she’s planned out a healthy diet and work out schedule to help her put on the extra weight needed without too much damage.