Tamil villain opposes Sasikala taking Jayalalithaa’s place

rp_sasikala-jaya-film-300x200.jpgWhile the some AIADMK Party functionaries from various districts today urged Thirumathi.V.K.Sasikala to lead the party on the path shown by Honourable Amma by giving a memorandum and bowing to her feet.  A Jaya’s diehard follower and party leader opposes Sasikala taking Amma’s place.

AIADMK leader- Actor Anand Raj who is seen on screen in villain roles, in an interview ro Tamil daiy said, He doesnt undersatand as Why Sasuikala is showing an urgency to take Amma’s place?. Everything is under her control now, there is no need to show enthusiasm to take the Amma’s chair. Nobody is going to drag anything from her, so she can wait for some more time patiently before taking the party charge.

He boldly said  It is not a correct situation to select the General Secretary and the party leaders should take a correct decision that should benefit the party and Tamil Nadu. He would stay as AIADMK party worker and serve the aprty in furure. He denied reports of resigning the party.