Tamil hero Karthik in Hospital !!

One of the heartthrobs of late 80s and early 90s is Karthik. His films like ‘Gharshana’ ‘Mouna Raagam’ ‘Abhinandana’ ‘Anveshana’ created quite a stir during those days. Now, Karthik has hit the headlines and the reason for that is, he has been admitted into hospital….under serious condition!!

Well, all this is due to the Tamil media hungama. Apparently, Karthik is reportedly suffering from just throat pain due to strain. But the Tamil media known for its ‘overacting’ screamed on top of its voice that Karthik in hospital in emergency condition. Some went ahead and already confirmed it is throat cancer.That way, they competed with each other to ensure that Karthik has joined the hospital in the most critical condition. Truth is, the senior actor went to the hospital since he was suffering from some minor throat pain and went for a casual treatment. That’s the power and enthusiasm of media folks!!