Tamil Businessman turns disaster

This Friday in Tamil Nadu, only dubbed films were released as there were no Tamil films for release.

Two films from Telugu released in Tamilnadu today, Prince Mahesh Babu’s hit film ‘Businesssman released in nearly 200 screen in Tamilnadu including 21 screens in Chennai alone. Next in the list is Ravi Teja’s ‘Murattu Singam’ dubbed version of Telugu’s hit film Mirapakay which released in 7  screens in Chennai.

The reviews for Mahesh’s Businessman is were negative and the movie was recommended only for masses. But Tamil mass movies tends to have different style and Businessman could not even  fit in that genre. The movie got disastrous talk by noon. The distributor is worried about its prints cost at least. Except in Chennai the movie is washedout even after it oppend up with a house full. While, Raviteja ‘s Murattu Singam is slowly picking , there is no much talk about the film as it is released in less than 100 theaters in Tamilnadu.