Tamil and Kannada heroes insults Pawan Kalyan

Tamil Hero Lathika fame, Sreenivasan gathered huge fan base these days this uncle entered into movies  to kill the audience mentally. As he appear on screen audience feel like it is a great curse to them for having a such worst position to see the movies of such actor.

Recently Kannada Hero Puneeth Raj Kumar who is a fan of mega family has titled himself as ‘Power star’  which gave him huge craze in Kannada . On seeing such huge craze Puneeth Raj Kumar from Kannada  Now, this uncle titled him self as Power Star Sreenivasan and tamil thambhis are following it.

But the fact is   The word Power Star is justified by the one and only person on this earth who is none another than Pawan Kalyan. His craze and his charisma will definitely justify this name.