Tamanna role in CgR is an extension of Lux-Papa in ’143′

Going through a series of ups and downs in terms of hits, Tamanna is still trying to find a mega-hit “score high standing in the brigade of sexy starlets. She is now working on an extension of ‘Lux Papa’ actions to get it.

Apparently Tamanna playing the role of a journalist / reporter in her upcoming film ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu. Director Puri Jagan has a similar role in his flop film ’143 ‘. In that film, Asha Saini, the Lux Papa Tollywood played a vibrant role and sexy at the same time a bold protégé of honesty in a reporter role. Lux Papa’s lust added much spice to the film if it is not a heroine. Tamanna will now be classed as an extension of the heroine and that the kick will be 100 times more than that.

Cine lovers say that Puri holds for the presentation of his glamorous heroine, spicy and bold, in fact. So, the treat Tamanna are no shock, but the Power Star’s character is portrayed possession again.