Tamanna gets wet on one condition

Cashing on the glory of new found success in the form of ‘Rachcha,’ milk white beauty tamanna is getting strict on rainy songs. As ‘Awara, Badrinath & Rachcha’ are looked from positive perspective by producers for the sentiment of hit drizzling duets, now the directors of Tammu’s new projects are forcing her to romance the respective heroes in sexy wet costumes.

This false belief of producers and directors is making her to drench in rain to pull the youth audience to theatres and of course extra publicity feature too. However, tamanna doesn’t mind to sizzle in these songs as she too is enjoying in rain but based only on one big condition. Yes, when ever Tammmu’s wet moves are to be captured, the particular shooting location or set should have only a minimum number of cast and crew persons. tamanna seems to be still feeling shy even after such huge sexy showery experiences.