Tamanna arrogance !

Tollywood’s hot happening star Tamannah is in news for various reasons. Success of ‘Racha’ made her the darling of mega fans and even heroes of Mega Family. In the mean time many other beauties turned envious of her obvious with her rise to fame. Many channels even reported that Mega family pushed her for her romance with Cherry even in Bollywood in ‘Zanjeer.

However film nagar is also full of news about Milky beauty’s increasing insurmountable arrogance in proportion to her success rate. Speaking about this Tammu says “There is no truth in this. Some one is spreading rumors about me. My concentration is totally on my career. Quality is important for me rather than quality.”

Tamannah on a more serious note, even questions “In the film industry no one hears others words. Everyone act on their own and even I do the same in my career. I will do films which I like and in the process am refusing some which doesn’t appeal for me. How can one say that I am arrogant based on mere refusal?”. She says she will not care all these things. But sources are not satisfied even with her statements and allege, her words itself speaks for Tammu’s arrogance.