Talasani urges media and Film Industry to Stop controversy

talasaniTelangana Cinematography minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav held a meeting with the representatives of the Telugu film industry, ‘MAA’.

The Sri Reddy controversy in the film was discussed at the meeting on allegations of sexual abuse. After the meeting, the minister spoke to the media.

He said The recent developments in the film industry have been discussed. Such incidents will not take place in the future, action will be taken. Identity cards have been given by the film development cooperation. A special cell will be set up in FDC for complaints. Intermediaries and coordinators will be removed. Artists remuneration will be directly sent to their bank accounts through Department of Production. Women and actors should bring their problems to police attention if they have any problems. Can legally complain to ‘SHE’ teams. We want to provide proper facilities for women in shooting places. Acting training centres will be purged. The government acts strongly on the protection of women and the fraud. He urged the industry and the media to stop this issue on behalf of Telangana govt.

The meeting was attended by Shri Rajaji, Vijaya Rajasekhar, Tamara Reddy Bharadwaja, C. Kalyan, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Naresh, Cinematography, Artists and Police officers.