TAL yuva Sammelan with Pawan Kalyan

pawan-talJana Sena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan interact with students in Tal Yuva Sammelan, The event was held on November 18 in Willows, east London.

About 200 Telugu families from UK, Oxford, Cambridge, ICCL, ELSB and KCL have attended the event. Pawan Kalyan unveiled the website of Youth Tal on this occasion.

Pawan has patiently answered the questions asked by young people about youth empowerment, gender equality, current affairs, Janasena political agenda and acting in the films.

Pawan said that his struggle on social issues like the kidney issue and the poverty will continue. Pawan Kalyan was given a memorandum by the Board of Trustees of the Tal Board.

Tal advisors Dr. Ramulu Dasasu, Ramanaidu Boilla, Satyendra Pagadala, Sanjay Bhiraju, Dr. Venu Coutapu, Tal Board Trustees Sridhar Medishetti (Chairman), Sridhar Somisetta (Vice Chairman, Treasurer), Bharti Kandukuri, Nirmala Diwali, Mallesh Fort, Giridhar Potluri , Murali Thadiparthi, Rajesh Tholeti, Srinivas Reddy Konreddy, Surya Kandukuri , Vamsi Mohan Singaluri, Balaji Kaloor, Ravi Matchera and others have also taken part in the event.