Tagore range climax in Nela Ticket ?

nela-ticketThe expectations over Mass Maharajah Ravi Teja upcoming film ‘Nela ticket’ is growing higher day after day. The movie is coming up on 25th of this month. The film trailer has already impressed viewers.

Nela Ticket censor formalities are completed. The censor board members talk about the film is good. According to the censor board report, the first half of the film is full of comedy and action in the style of Ravi Teja.

In the Second Half, The drama and emotional meltdown have come up well. There are many emotional scenes in the second half. In addition, the ‘ Nela ticket’ Climax is a bit similar to Chiranjeevi blockbuster ‘Tagore’ climax. The climax of the film is also amazing in the ‘Tagore’ range. It is learned that the song ‘Namaste’ will come in the climax.