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Bharat Ane Nenu 2 weeks USA Collections

rp_ban-1-212x300-1-212x300-212x300-1-212x300-1-212x300-1-212x300-212x300-1-212x300-1-212x300.jpgBharat Ane Nenu 2 weeks USA Collections

Day 1 + …

Bharat Ane Nenu 12 days USA Gross

banBharat Ane Nenu  12 days USA Gross

Day 1 + …

Bharat Ane Nenu 1st day USA Collections

rp_ban-212x300-1-212x300-212x300-1-212x300.jpgActor Mahesh Babu’s Bharat Ane Nenu has not crossed $1 …

Rangasthalam 10 days USA Collections

ranRangasthalam 10 days USA Collections

Thu $706,630
Fri $588,305
Sat …

Rangasthalam 9 days USA Collections

Rangasthalam 9 days USA Collections

Thu $706,630
Fri $588,305
Sat …

Rangasthalam 8 days USA Collections

ranRangasthalam 8 days USA Collections

Thu $706,612
Fri $588,165
Sat …

Rangasthalam 6 days USA Collections

rangasMega power star Ram Charan‘s Rangasthalam is mining gold …

Rangasthalam 5 days USA Collections

rp_rangasthalam-209x300-1-209x300-209x300.jpgMega Power star Ramcharan’s Rangasthalam continues to dominate the Boxoffice. …

Rangasthalam 4 days USA Collections

rp_rangas-3-300x300.jpgRangasthalam 4 days USA Collections

Premiers – $706,612 ~ 169 …

Rangasthalam 1st weekend USA collections

rangasthalamActor Ramcharan’s Rangasthalam is making a royal entry into the …

Kirrak Party USA Collections

kpYoung actor Nikhil Siddharth’s latest outing Kirrak Party had a …

Chalo 1st week USA Collections

chaloChalo 1st week USA Collections


Agnyaathavaasi 13 days USA Collections

rp_agnya-192x300-1-192x300.jpgAgnyaathavaasi 13 days USA Collections


Agnyaathavaasi 1st week USA Collections

rp_agyna-300x300-1-1-1-1.jpgAgnyaathavaasi 1st week USA Collections


MCA 3 days USA Collections

mcaNatural star Nani’s Middle Class Abbayi Movie has grossed $600k …

Malli Raava 2nd weekend USA Collections

malliraaveMalli Raava 2nd weekend USA Collections


Jawaan USA Collections

jawanJawaan USA Collections
30 Nov 2017 Thursday (premieres): $37,872
1 …

Friday – 25 Nov 2017 USA collections

rp_mm-usa-300x180.jpgFrom the makers of Pelli Choopulu ,Raj Kandukuri in association …

Raja The Great 3 days USA collections

rp_rtg-1m-300x300.jpgMass Maharaja Ravi Teja is back with a bang after …

Raja The Great 2 days USA collections

rp_rtg-300x213-1-300x213-300x213-1-300x213.jpgActor Raviteja’s Raja The Great suffered huge setback in USA …

Raju Gari Gadhi 2 1st day USA Collections

rgg2Actors Nagarjuna and Samantha ‘s latest horror film Raju Gari …

Mahanubhavudu 10 days USA Collections

rp_mahanubavudu-300x218-1-300x218-300x218-1-300x218-1-300x218.jpgMahanubhavudu 10 days USA Collections

Thu $85,581
Fri $113,700
Sat …

Jai Lava Kusa 18 days USA collections

rp_jlk-6-300x215-1-300x215-1-300x215-1-300x215-300x215.jpgJai Lava Kusa 18 days USA collections
Wed $589,219
Thu …

Spyder 12 days USA Collections

rp_spyder-review-211x300-1-211x300-1-211x300-1-211x300.jpgSpyder 12 days USA Collections

Tue $1,005,419
Wed $132,984
Thu …

Mahanubhavudu 6 days USA Collections

mahanubavuduMahanubhavudu 6 days USA Collections

Thu $85,581
Fri $113,700
Sat …

Spyder 8 days USA Collections

babuSpyder 8 days USA Collections

Tue $1,005,419
Wed $132,984
Thu …

Mahesh Babu sets a new South Indian record

rp_mahesh-1-300x300-1-1.jpgNow officially Superstar Mahesh Babu becomes the only South Indian …

Mahanubhavudu 4 days USA Collections

rp_mahanubavudu-300x300.jpgActor Sharwanad’s latest release MahanuBhavudu has slowed down at US …

Spyder 6 days USA Collections

rp_spyder-200x300-1-200x300-1-200x300.jpgSuper star Mahesh Babu’s Spyder USA gross is inching towards …