Taapsee is my little Sister: Manchu Manoj

Manchu Manoj has been in news for the past few hours for wrong reasons. No one knows what actually happened between him and the Tamil actor (Raghavendra) in question. But media speculated that Manoj’s special interest in Taapsee resulted in the unfortunate incident.

Manoj didn’t deny or confirm that he had fight with Mahat Raghavendra, but strongly condemned the reports that he is seeing Taapsee. He said that she is like his little sister and also stated that there is no wrong in treating a co-artist like sister or friend.

“It makes me laugh out loud when I hear all these crazy rumours about Taapsee and me. She’s none but a spoiled little brat sister of mine. There is no wrong in treating a co-artist as a sister or a super friend. It’s all in your mind. Please be a bit mature and practical,” Manoj said. He also added that the current issue has been settled down and called it as ‘Picha Lite’ incident. He laughed it off as an school days incident and asked everyone to put it aside.