Swamy Ra Ra – is the Final movie for Nikhil?

“Swamy Ra Ra ‘, a professional person to be in place and now a young hero does the same. He is almost giving a final call to the public with a film that is going to hit screens with this name.

Wrestling hero Nikhil is now comes with a new film titled ‘Swamy Ra Ra’. If everything goes smoothly, this film hit theaters in September. After delivering flop busters back to back, Nikhil to really work hard to score a point in Tollywood. His last two films, Veedu Theda and Disco have failed miserably. Like Allari Naresh and Raviteja, Nikhil is also dependent only on comedy films for his courage, that did not happen for now to prove.

If ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ not to invite the public, then his career will be greatly decreased, and this movie may be the last movie in his career without having an option, says one critic. Instead of trying the same silly stories should focus Nikhil is doing what love stories and art films that suit his age and caliber.