Swami Paripoornananda House arrest continues

paripurnanandaSri Patham Swami Paripoornananda put under house arrest continues for the second day for planning a 40 km Padayatra in Hyderabad to protest against the most obnoxious comments against Hindu deities in the name of free speech

Swami Swami Paripoornananda expressed his disappointment over the consequences of the past two days. Thousands of hearts were hurted by comments on some castes and religions in the name of freedom of expression, he said.

He said, Such comments are not to be seen on the basis of caste. A caste is not less than another caste ,All castes and religions are the same. Remember that everything not more than respect and values. There is no right to damage the existence of religions. That would be constitutional violation. Babu Gogineni has become a idol for those who breach constitutional right.

Swami Paripoornananda is still undergoing house arrest. The police did not allow him to come out of the residence in Jubilee Hills. Restrictions are set in the neighborhood. There were barricades on the way to Swamiji’s house. Not allowing media along with others . The police are not going to allow him to come to meet anyone. The Hindu charities want the police and the government to allow him for the Bhakthi Yatra .