Swami Nityanand now accused with Sodomy

Swami Nityanand now accused with Sodomy

We all know about sex swamy none other than Swami Nityanand who was accused in the sex CD scandal was taken into custody in March 2010, however at present he is now out on bail.Now the most recent news is that he has been accused with compelled unnatural sex with a foreigner who is an IIT graduate of Indian origin.

On March 21 in Bangalore’s Ramnagaram court under section 377 a chargesheet has been registered against Swami Nityanand.

The IIT graduate has alleged that Swami Nityanand sexually exploited him a number of times both in India and America.

But the Swami says that this man is already being tried for sexual exploitation of kids in USA and that he is trying to implicate him just in order to wriggle out from his own court cases going on in USA.

On March 2012 Swami Nityanand was taken into custody subsequently the evolution of a CD in that he was exposed in an unseemly position with a famous actress of south.