SVSC vs Naayak audio launch comparison


  SVSC Naayak
Anchoring Suma & Janshi has messed up the show as both tried to dominate each other Just Suma is enough with her attractive anchoring
Set Traditional set but no huge screen Modern set with big screen
Performances No performances at all 4-5 performances attracted everyone
Special attraction Venkatesh & Mahesh son’s Arjun & Gautam Pawan Kalyan ,Upasana
Guest List Moderate Huge
Speeches Simple Controversial (Ramcharan’s)
Fans Response Normal Exceptional
Glamour Only Samantha added glamour for the event Kajal, Amala Paul & Upasana added extra spice to the event
Highlight Prakash Raj’s speech Ramcharan’s Speech
Event Rating 3.5 / 5 4 / 5