SVSC US distributor share still showing loss ?

There has been controversy about Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle chettu domastic collections and overseas figures for last few days.

According to taran reports,  the movie has collected $ 2,03,160 on 70 screens, with the per screen average working out to $ 2,902. Total: $ 15,48,709 [Rs. 8.31 crores] very interesting figures indeed for any Telugu movie.

Close sources of US distributor has revealed some interesting facts about SVSC collections,  They say, the  movie is going to end up with a loss of 1+ crore in its full run because of following reasons.

The distributor’s share has turned to be very low due to hiring of screens at high slabs rates to stick to competition For example Bigcinemas slab 60/40, AMC theaters slabs range from 55-75 of gross, Regal theaters slabs range from 45-55, Phoenix slabs from 50-60…and so..on.

The first week distributor share range from 45-55 % on average (50%). First week total collections $1.348M [$1.548m – $200k] * 50% = $ 674 (share)

The second week distributor share range from 55 % on average. $203k * 55% (flat) = $ 111 (share)

Total distributor share for 2 weeks = $674 + $111 = $785 (share) [Rs.4.23 crore]

TeluguSquare is just sharing their figures and we have nothing to prove..Don’t blame us for publishing their version.