SVSC fake records target Gabbar Singh !

When Mahesh Babu decides Fakism reach peaks , Till yesterday he was very quite without any moment sitting at home, when Ramcharan reached from Haridwar he started showing his true colours again with fake collections . A popular web site  called gasandhra who never had  proper source to publish day-wise collections report  has come again for Mahesh Babu rescue.any

Basically a ruling community from AP which was close to Chiranjeevi has left Chiru and started supporting Mahesh Babu because Mahesh’s  family supports a popular leader of a party who is in Jail. At the same time people  of Mahesh Babu’s own community who are well established in media ,  never had chance to rule the Tollywood  industry after Chiru’s entry decided to take revenge , to project Mahesh as No:1 hero.

For this , they have chosen SVSC as platform and started faking the collections , Their only target is  to show that Mahesh Babu’s film has broken all the records of  Pawn Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh . Sources say, Mahesh playing vital role in this regard. He is showing keen interest and pressuring distributors of various areas to grab theaters and asking explanation about the happening on daily basis .

Gabbar Singh which was released in 1300+ theaters, and settled in 800+ theaters throughout the week with almost all shows full collections gathered share of 28+ crore in AP. where as SVSC released in 700+ theaters and settled in 500+ theaters throughout the week with 60% collections  is already started  to project fake records higher than Gabbar Singh.  These cheap tricks of Fake Babu to project himself superior than Pawan Kalyan , who never cares for any records or competition, is quite irritating !