SVSC censor on Nayak release day

The censor certification of Mahesh Bau Venkatesh multi starrer ‘Seetha Valitlo Sirimalle Chettu’Nayak is scheduled on January 9, 2013 which fall on Ramcharan ‘s Nayak release date. The film is currently completing post production formalities and its RR for first half is completed and 2nd half is on.

The producers are planning to get the first copy at the earliest.  The makers might trim the movie about 12-15 minutes to make it ideal time for watching as the movie might turn boring with lenghty run time of 2 hours 54 minutes. With SVSC heading for a grand release on January 11, everything seems to be progressing smoothly for the unit. The makers have planned a grand premier for celebraties at Prasadz in Hyderabad.