Suspension frustration still found in Nani

TDP suspended MLA ,YSRC leader Kodali Nani blasted on Naidu for not suspending the three MP’s who were absent for Voting on FDI in Rajya Sabha due to personal reasons.

Nani with a great logic said, If Naidu does not suspend them , then Naidu got packages from Sonia Gandhi and other YSRC leader Gattu Ramachandraiyya said, Naidu to lift his cases had this arrangements with Sonia Gandhi. He said TDP & Congress had matching fixing.

One wonders, When YS.Jagan who took intrem bail to support and vote Pranap Mukarji , the UPA presidential candidate , was that the same deal made with Sonia Gandhi to bail out Jagan ? .

YSCR is such a party which does mistakes and find faults when other does the same mistake.

Meanwhile Suspended Nani argued that , when he met YSRCP honorary president YS Vijayamma, within three minutes time, Chandrababu issued show-cause notice against him , but did not issue any notice to Rajya Sabha members.

One can understand his frustration and his logic, He want to jump into other party still he expects that he shouldn’t be issued any show-cause ? While the Rajya Shaba members were absent due to some personal problems and TDP did not issue any Whip to them to vote  . So how can a they be suspended ? . Nani has to answer.