Suspense over Telangana RTC strike ends

tsrtcThe suspense over RTC strike in Telangana has come to a conclusion after the successful negotiations between the government and trade unions.

The Telangana govt has agreed to give a 16 per cent marginal grievance. The withdrawal of strike call was announced by the TMU leader Ashwathama Reddy. The Government agreed to give 16 per cent IR. We expect the workers to have a fitness level as expected. we have full confidence in CM KCR. We will work harder and bring the company into profits. Some organisations are making false propaganda and it is not true. Not only the wages but the rest of the problems will also be addressed, “said Ashwathama Reddy.

25 per cent IR for workers was asked but the govt agreed to give 16 per cent. This will result in over 200 crores additional burden on the government. Earlier Rs.750 crore was also given to the RTC when it was in losses. A high-tech committee will be set up to solve the problems of workers and How to bring the company into the profit zone. We try to bring in the latest reforms in the company. Some of the union’s problems are put in front of us and they will soon be resolved, said ministers Harish Rao, KTR and Etela Rajender.