Survey : Modi’s Demonetisation gets 90 percent support

modi-surveyPrime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the people for the historic participation in the survey – Jan Jan Ki Baat- A Public opinion on Demonetisation.

90% respondents think that the black money exists in India.

90% respondents think that the evil of corruption and Balck money needs to be fought and eliminated.

90% respondents think that the government’s move to tackle balck money is Brillarnt.

92% respondents think that Modi government efforst against corruption are very good.

90% respondents supporte the Modi governmnets move of barring olf Rs.500/ 1000 notes

90% respondents think that Demonetisation will have an impact on crubing balck money , corruption and terrisom.

Over 5 Lakh people have participated in the survey.

On the question of inconvenience caused, 43 per cent people did not mind the inconvenience caused at all, 48 per cent said that it was worth it and 8 per cent disliked the inconvenience.

About 66 per cent people completely agreed that demonetisation would bring real estate, higher education and healthcare within common man’s reach, 27 per cent partially agreed and 6 per cent were not sure.