Surekha’s sucide challenge to KCR !

With the attacks and counter attacks in warangal , Verbal war between TRS and YSRCP reached peak today.

YSRCP leader Konda Surekha called KCR for a open challenge with very harsh language taking the verbal war to personal allegations.

Konda Surekha who stick to her statment that , Telangana is only possible after KCR and his family’s death has once again challenged KSR to fix date &  time in Delhi for suicide .

She said that she is ready for suicide for the cause of Telnagana and questioned that Is KCR ready for suicide for Telangana cause ?. What an intelligent challenge !!, If KCR commits suicide , Jagan will be still alive and he can manage elections with his wealth and come to power bt Telangana votes.

Generally, no one accepts such challenge. Konda Surekha wants the same to expose KCR in 2014 election saying that KCR ran away like loser without accepting her challenge and his commitent towards Telangana will be exposed in elections.