Supreme Movie Review : Timepass

Sai-Dharma-Tej-Supreme-Movie-reviewMovie : Supreme
Director : Anil Ravipudi
Producer : Sirish
Music Director : Sai Karthik
Starring : Sai Dharam Tej, Raashi Khanna : 3.25/5


Supreme story revolves around Jagruthi center iTrust in Anantapur, For years , Thousand of acres of Trust is the livelihood for 15 thousand farmers. Corporate broker Vikram Sarkar (Kabir dulhan singh) eyes on Trust lands , he creates fake documents to takeover Trust lands. Trust caretaker Narayana (sai kumar) moves to court over Vikram’s brutality for lands, while court gives one month time to bring the hire of Trust and the original documents , Narayana goes to London  for original papers, Vikram also reaches and kills the original trustees, Narayana bring their son to Delhi, where the boy goes missing.

On the other side, In Hyderabad, Balu(sai Dharam Tej) works as a taxi driver and his cab name is “Supreme”, He has a dad (Rajendra Prasad) who is a drunked and Balu also takes care a eighty year orphan young boy(Mikhail Gandhi) . Balu has no great expectations or ambitions in live. He bumps over area SI ,Bellam Sridevi(Raashi Khanna) and falls in love . One day the young boy gets kidnapped and taken to orissa. Balu on a mission to bring the boy back and  encounters Vikram gang and Ravi Krishna , which drags Balu into Trust lands controversy . How Boy is related to trust? and How Balu saves the boy and his Girlfriend …forms the story.


Like his previous films, Sai Dharam Tej tried to imitate his uncle’s mannerism in this film too. However , he has shown his mark in action scenes and dances and was impressive. Rashi khanna’s role has no connections with the story but she has worked out to fill the glamour quotient of the film. Raashi comedy is good in first half.

Kabir as baddie is stylish, Ravi Krishna has impressed in mass role as comedy villain. Sai Kumar and Rajendra Paras has shown their mark in their roles. Mikhail Gandhi was impressive with his cute expressions . Prithvi, Posani, srinivasa reddy comedy timing was good.


Pataas fame director Anil Ravipudi has tried his level best to continue the same success formula of Pataas which includes Comedy at regular intervals and action episodes. However the logic goes missing especially when Hero tries to rescue boy in orissa. Director has failed to reach the expectations although the movie is good as far as entertainment is concerned. The love scenes between the lead pair would be a bit dragging. The story is predictable in the first twenty minutes itself and second half goes on single track without any intertainsting twists.

Music by Sai Karthik is not upto the mark, only Andam Hindolam song can be remembered .Sai Sriram’s cinematography is excellent . Screenplay is simple , production values are good.

Supreme film seems to be inspired from Salman Khan’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ , in which salman takes up the task to handover a small girl in Pakistan, Here Sai Dharam Tej is on a task to handover the young boy to Anantapur on time. Overall Supreme is a decent comedy entertainer with predictable storyline and performances.


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