Super Rich starkid to debut as Coolie

Lagadapati_Sridhar_And_Lagadapato_Vikram_SahadevaLagadapati Vikram Sahadeva, son of popular film producer Lagadapati Sreedhar. The kid who hails from one of the richest family , is making a debut as hero as Beggar.

Vikram appeared in “Race Gurram” as young Allu Arjun in the childhood episodes. He again appeared as Young Allu Arjun in the childhood episodes of Guna Sekhar’s “Rudramadevi” in Gona Ganna Reddy role.

Vikram is very much inclined to acting , is making his debut with a Tamil super hit film “Goli Soda” remake. The film revolves around the lives of four young boys who works as coolies (lifters) to earn their bread .

Vikram would play one of the boy’s role without makeup in a de- glamorous role. Born in a rich society , enjoying all kind of luxurious & styles and choosing such a role is highly commendable . He wants to prove himself as best performer before transforming into fulfilled hero.