Sunny Leone’s wet night !!

About one year ago no one even knew who she was and those who knew used to watch her secretly on their computers through the internet porn. But today she has become the hottest property in the Bollywood arena and many want to work with her including Ram Gopal Varma.

She is Sunny Leone and now Sunny has come to Hyderabad. It is heard that she is the special attraction at the famous club Rain and it is the ladies night. After the release of her debut movie Jism 2, Sunny has been wanted by many filmmakers and soon she would be commencing her new film Raagini MMS 2.

The Hyderabadis have gone crazy about the presence of Sunny and she was unwinding herself and went wet with sweat. Though Jism 2 got severe criticism for the poor direction and boring subject, Sunny got all the attention and with her entering Hyderabad many Tollywood people rushed to the spot and see her.