Sundeep’s Tiger Film Story ?

tigerSundeep Kishen and Rahul Ravindran are orphans and are best friends , both join in same college .

Rahul imagines his love as Ganga from Kashi , To his surprise a girl Ganga(Seerat Kapoor) from Kashi joins the college, both Rahul and Ganga falls in love after initial hiccups.

With a fear of losing his friendship, Sundeep divide the lovers but fails. Sundeep reaches Rajahmundry after a clash with Rahul. On one fine day Sundeep gets a call that Rahul met with an accident.

He comes to known that Seerat’s father is behind the accident , Sundeep goes to Kashi to fight the fraction based family to reunite Rahul and Seerat.

Hope you Love this story line of Tiger , which is scheduled to release on June 26th, directed by VI.Anand .