Sundeep goes rustic

What the first look of Sundeep Kishen’s “Gundello Godari” doesn’t reveal is the lungi he wears in the film. Admittedly, Sundeep Kishennever had a thing for lungis (the traditional male garment worn around the waist). But now he’s turned into an expert in the art of wearing it, thanks to his role in the film.

“I play an East Godavari native in the movie and I shot for it wearing a lungi for over two months. I must say that for the weather, it is perhaps the best suited garment,” he quips. It seems to work like a prop as well. “You know the lungi is a very versatile garment and they way people wear it can reflect the mood they are in. There is a way people wear it when they are angry, happy, running around, or when they are in the presence of elders… there are a whole set of mannerisms that the lungi has given way to,” he adds.