Suman dismiss rumours against Chiranjeevi

22-Chiranjeevi-dosaActor Suman dismissed rumors against Chiranjeevi spoiling his career in the initial days when he was giving neck to neck competition with the mega star.

Suman became a star in the late 80s with back to back hits but unfortunately landed in jail for allegedly exploiting a Businessman’s daughter and shooting a blue film which led to his downfall. He had stayed in jail for 3 years and the cases was quashed due to lack of evidence.

But many alleged that Chiranjeevi was behind the whole episode to safeguard his top position . However Suman clarified that there is no truth in such rumours. He explained that, his friend along with his(friend’s) girlfriend were caught in a car which dragged his name .

He said , Chiranjeevi has nothing to do with the episode.  In Fact,  Chiranjeevi is a great devotee of Lord Hanuman and said he has 200%  confidence that Chiranjeevi did not  conspire  against him. He said , Chiranjeevi became megastar with his own potential, talent , performance, dances and fights. Till today , No one can challenge Chiranjeevi , said Suman.