Suman clarifies on age-old Blue Film controversy

sumanActor Suman , who was jailed for few years in earlier stage of his career facing allegations of making blue films gave clarification on the age-old controversy.

He said , There was no mention of blue film in the charge sheet instead it was mentioned as habitual offender. But a daily has propagated that he was sent to jails on charges of Blue films. He said, all this controversy was a ‘made up ‘ story and government could not prove that he was in Chennai on the mentioned dates as he was in Bangalore in a shooting.

He said, Making blue film charges can be proved only when some other guy holding a secret camera shots him making blue films. He said, Till date he did not find anyone who conspired against him and he has no clue at all as who was behind this controversy. He says, It is still mystery and there is no concrete proof.

He said, It was the Tamilnadu government which filed the case and late CM MGR was just a Dummy CM . Government was run unofficially by others.