Sultan Movie Review : Impeccable

Sultan-ReviewMovie : Sultan
Director :Ali Abbas Zafar
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Starring : Salman Khan,Anushka Sharma,Randeep Hooda,Amit Sadh
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Cinematography Artur Zurawski
Telugu Rating : 3.5/5



Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan) belongs to remote village in Haryana, who doesn’t know how to mould his career and become professional. A young girl Aarfa (Anushka Sharma) from the same village of Sultan dreams of winning Gold Medal for India at Olympics. Goalless Sultan falls in love with Aarfa. But she rejects him and tells him that she would accept his love only if he reaches top position in wrestling.

To win his love, Sultan strives hard and wins medals at state level, national level , in commonwealth and also wins medal in Olympics . Something drastic happens in Sultan’s life which broke him completely. Later on, Sultan once again dreams to come back but this time in UFC. Whats happens between them?, will she accept his love?…


Sultan’ is a typical YRF film. It has a happy ending, a conflict and a resolution. Salman is fabulous but that was expected. What really made us sit up and think is Anushka’s role. Despite her lovely performance, you can’t help but notice how she is his support, not his equal, she’s the reason he gets back into the ring, but she doesn’t wrestle anymore. A special word for actor Anant Sharma who plays Sultan’s trusted friend Govind. His performance is absolutely fantastic . Randeep Hooda was perfect as coach , but the length of the character should have been increased.

‘Sultan’ is completely unlike the typical Salman movies that we have seen in the recent past. Here’s a Salman character who doesn’t worry about being seen as weak. Sultan is a character not just obsessed with being macho, heck he even shows his protruding tummy in the movie. ‘Mitti main tera khoon’ is the background score through the film. This one’s going to be motivational anthem of the year!. Yes the movie has some problematic dialogues that paint Sultan to be an MCP, but that it there because of the context and setting of the film.

The first half of ‘Sultan’ is unlike any other Salman Khan film we have seen in the recent past. This one has every possibility of being the best bhai film we have seen in the longest time. The second half has Sultan getting back into action. He joins the Pro Cut Wrestling series and fights international matches and wrestlers from all over the world. All of a sudden, the film takes a ‘Chak De’ turn. It becomes about India and its win. The scenes where Sultan becomes “King of the Ring”, and Aarka gives birth to a baby boy and the baby dies are emotional. The only drawback is the pace in second half with dragging scenes. Overall,Sultan is no doubt going to be the biggest Eid blockbuster.


Sultan is ‘King of the Ring ‘at Boxoffice