Sultan Bazar Traders observe Bandh over Metro Rail

sultan-bazarAll business establishments in Sultan Bazar – Badichowdi area observed a Bandh today against the Metro Rail alignment change .

With the new realignment plan Hyderabad Metro Rail path to raze down age-old shops in the area.

They raised slogan against the Telangana CM K. Chandrashekar Rao , who played failed to keep promise made to them . They went in a rally on the streets with placards.

Traders alleged that , NVS Reddy has misguided the CM , submitting false report stating that trader of sultan Bazar have agreed with the alignment of the Metro Rail.  They said KCR has earlier promised them , he also made a statement after becoming the CM of Telangana in Assembly.

They said ,  Heritage structures like 200 Year old Jain Mandar,105 Year old Hanuman Mandir, Two buildings of Medical college, 100 years old ANdhra Bank and 100 years of Nilakantha shop will be demolished , if the Metro rail alignment is not changed.