Sukumar turns pro Copycat with Kumari 21F

Kumari-21F-Lila-SaysTollywood directors have turned very creative in lifting entire film from International films without paying any fee for copyrights. Earlier Musicians used to lift tunes, But now Telugu directors are lifting entire film scene by scene and crediting themselves.

Creative director Sukumar’s Kumari 21F starring Raj Tarun & Hebah Patel is performing well at the Boxoffice in India, as the film is very fresh concept-wise to attract Youth especially.

But the fact is Kumari 21F film’s scene by scene copied from a 2004 released French film titled ‘Lila Says’. Sukumar has not just lifted the plot, infact he lifted characterizations and scene by scene  screenplay.

The original film lead characters  names are Chimo and Lila , its has same plot of Kumari 21f , including friends of the hero , who rapes the heroine and at last hero realizes heroine is still virgin.

Earlier Sukumar was criticised for copying action scenes from Hollywood film for 1 Nenokkadine film and he has transformed into a ‘pro’ Copycat .