Subramanya Bharathi’s great grandson enters film industry

There are people from different backgrounds who come and join the film industry. While some become successful, some fade away in time. There is no background or qualification required to be part of the entertainment circuit. But here is something interesting about a man who has a strong historical connection.

His name is Niranjan Bharathi. Most of you may not know him but then he happens to be the great grandson of Subramanya Bharathi the revolutionary poet and freedom fighter who was considered a terror during the independence movement. Niranjan has made his entry as a lyricist in film industry.

Currently, he is busy with penning lyrics for Tamil films and many who interacted with him say that he has the genes of his great grandfather as his lines are very intense and powerful. If Niranjan knows Telugu, then there would be no surprise in having him at Tollywood too. This should be an interesting one.