Subramanian Swamy drops bombshell on Sridevi’s death

sridevisubraPolitical and BJP MP Subramanian Swamy made sensational claims about actress Sridevi’s death which has once again shaken the Nation. He drops bombshell saying Sridevi’s death not natural but murder

Let’s wait for the prosecution to pronounce it. Facts in media don’t appear to be consistent. She never drank hard liquor, how did it enter her system? What happened to CCTV? Doctors suddenly appeared before media & said she died of heart failure. Sridevi never touched hard drinks and alcohol could have been force fed.

Bollywood-underworld links could be behind Sridevi’s death, saying Cinema actresses aur Dawood ke jo rishte hain, naajayaz rishte hain us par hamein thoda dhyaan dena padega, claims Subramanian Swamy