Students demand Pawan Kalyan to answer

agi-pawanAgricultural students from the Andhra Pradesh Agricultural Students Association in Vijayawada protested against Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan for his active role in the cancellation of the controversial Government Order (GO) 64.

G.O. 64 that gives eligibility for employment to candidates who studied in universities not recognized by the Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR). Pawan Kalyan earlier said allowing fake degree holders will ruin farmers and the economy.

But now Agricultural Students Association held a protest at Krishna River’s Durga ghat in water demanding the restoration of G.O 64.

They alleged that more than 30,000 students careers will be affected as many colleges don’t have accreditation from ICAR. Pawan played a key role in the suspension of GO 64 without studying the issue in detail. They demanded the Janasena chief to answer them.