Strong reactions from media on Ramcharan’s comments

Mega Power star Ramcharan’s recent statement on Naayak audio launch that  “The relation between us and our fans is very strong. A news paper or a TV channel cannot separate us,” has made new enemies to him

Charan’s spell bond speech has  shocked everyone Challenging media in a strong tone is a rare sight at film functions. Charan proved that he won’t remain calm if media writes all sorts of nonsense about him or his family.  But the media group reacted strongly on his statements. In their blogs some of media people mention that, Ramcharan has done a big mistake taking the name of media instead of mentioning particular channel &  paper . Ramcharan who acted in 4-5 films has long way to go in career, at this stage messing with media is reprehensible.

Its media which helps in publicity for his films and blaming media for such petty issue is not at all good for his career. By any chance if his film ‘Naayak’ turns into a flop will he blame media again? .They also criticized him that he had a serious expression on his face for which his fans were upset. And showing the plucking hair gesture is an cheep act.  They say,  if he keep on plucking his hair for petty issues, one day he might not find a hair on his bald.