Story is the hero in SVSC: Mahesh Babu

Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, touted as contemporary Telugu cinema’s first multi-starrer, has been creating buzz ever since it went on the floors. And why not? The project brings together two of Tollywood’s most celebrated stalwarts — Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu.

The first look of the film is just out and Mahesh Babu is clearly super-excited about it. But would he be just as excited about signing on a multistarrer if he was to act alongside a younger star who’s considered his contemporary? “Why not? In fact, Venky is a legend himself… so if you are hinting at insecurity or ego, then acting with Venky would have been a much tougher call to take. I have always said that I am open to acting with other stars.”

So, is he now open to taking risks when it comes to his roles and films? “Maybe yes, I don’t want my films to be cliched. But this one’s no risk. If at all there’s a safe project that I’ve picked, it has to be SVSC. More than the fact that it’s a multistarrer, it’s the story that got me excited. When you see the film, Mahesh or Venky won’t come to your mind. The story is the hero. It will be a landmark cinema.”

Would he rather have his fans walk in to see the character he plays than come to theatres just to see superstar Mahesh Babu? “Obviously, I want them to want to see me, but then I want to stand out as an actor too. I don’t want to just do any rubbish. If you see Dookudu, it’s a commercial film, but it’s gone on to win almost all the awards this season. That’s something that makes me really happy.” (TOI)