Story Behind ‘Rambabu’

Mass Maha raja Ravi Teja feels happy for not doing the controversial movie ” Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu” bcause of the mess it created for being a political satire.

As informed, Ravi Teja rejected this script 4 years back when Jagan narrated this scriupt to him. Puri who is a die hard fan of YS.Rajashakar Reddy  planned this movie to give boost to YSR government targeting Chandra Babu in 2009 elections . But things changed when Chiranjeevi started Praja Rajyam party and Ravi Teja who tends to be fan of Chiranjeevi had to reject such script and finally this script was dumped .

Puri cleverly managed to impress Pawan Kalyan saying its that movie is about National Integration and made  him Bakra. Before movie release Puri had secret meeting with Mahesh Babu . Was some thing cooking  behind to target Pawan Kalyan ? as Mahesh Babu’s  Telangana  fans were arrested for making mess yesterday.