Story behind Pawan Kalyan’s Military Shirt

pkJana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan who is touring in Srikakulam revealed the reason for wearing Military Shirt in his tour.

He said “If we go to any corner of the country we will find a soldier from Srikakulam district who says Jaihind for the country. This has inspired me to wear a military shirt”.

As part of the Janasena Porata yatra, A rally was held today from Ambedkar junction in Tekkali to Indira Gandhi Junction. Pawan addressing a huge public gathering on the occasion said, “Employees are struggling with the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) pension system. People of all constituencies are informing him about their problems. Governments should have the sincerity to solve all the problems of education, medicine, job opportunities, water etc.

Employees have be pushed under this scheme, will have to work for 30 years and contribute from their side to get a decent pension after retirement whereas a One day MLA, one hour CM and one day MP are getting retirement benefits for a lifetime. Pawan said He will fight for the employees and also will stand up for the fishermen’s living standards. The anti-people work done in Telangana destroyed TDP in that region. If the party’s interests are given more importance, the same scene will repeat in AP. TDP govt should open the eyes and focus on the kidney problems of people and plan to provide employment opportunities to youth.